Struggling to maximize your distance and accuracy when hitting the golf ball? Paying for lessons to twist and hit the ball correctly depending on the club you select and the distance you want to achieve?

To get good results, a golfer will typically swing, or twist, their body to increase momentum and force to hit the golf ball.  Performing these movements correctly can maximize the distance and accuracy of the golf ball.  This typically requires considerable effort and places a lot of stress on the golfer’s body, particularly the back, hips and knees. As such, not only is injury an ever-prevalent threat for golfers, but this stress can also inhibit the fluidity of the swing and prevent the golfer from striking the ball to the best of their ability.  Is there a better way?

Introducing the Swaybear shoe cleats system. This rotatable shoe cleat system will enable easier rotation for a golfer during a swing. 

Each set of rotatable cleats includes a bearing assembly as well as the cleat assembly. The bearing assembly includes an outer bearing race, an inner bearing race and a plurality of bearing balls. The outer bearing race can be configured for insertion into one of the recessed apertures in the sole of the golf shoe. 

Installation is straightforward and can be installed in minutes. You are provided with everything you need, the rotatable cleat system.

Available either on your favourite brand of golf shoe or can be purchased separately to install on your current pair. 

The Swaybear shoes are a new way to look at improving your golf game. Decreasing risk of injury especially to knee, back or hip, increasing swing speed, yardage, and accuracy. Increase backswing and prevent premature stopping in the forward swing. SwayBear allows an efficient follow-through with your belt buckle turned to the target and beyond. Frankly, “a hole in one”! 

The Swaybear shoes can also be adapted for tennis, Pickleball, baseball, soccer, and even running, future versions will be engineered differently for each sport.

If you love golf and plan on playing for many years to come, the Swaybear shoes are a must-have.

The Swaybear rotatable cleat system is the subject of patent pending in North America.  Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.